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New Full-day Photography Seminars!

Dawn to Deep Night: Crafting Special Landscape Images &
The Light of Midnight: Photographing the Landscape at Night

Mark has produced two new 1-day seminars. Educational and inspiring, these artfully produced programs use still images, video and time-lapse sequences to illustrate creative principles. They are designed for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced shooters. Click here for program descriptions. To inquire about a seminar for your group, please contact us.
2018 Workshops and Presentations

Mark will be doing a full slate of workshops and presentations throughout the year. He will be leading trips to photograph spring waterfalls in Ricketts Glen, Pennsylvania, the coast of Oregon, night landscapes in the Adirondacks and on Cape Cod, and the Adirondacks’ stunning fall foliage. He has produced new instructional sessions on digital workflow, the art of seeing creatively, blending multiple exposures, including layer and luminosity masks, and the latest techniques in the rapidly evolving art of night photography.

Mark is also offering these new presentations for camera clubs: Envision: The Art of Seeing Creatively, SEASCAPES, Finding November, Innovative Night Imagery: Beyond the Milky Way, Dawn to Deep Night, Multiple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes. To inquire about a presentation for your group, please contact us.

Finding November e-book - 89 pages

Mark assigned himself a project to photograph November,
staying close to home in western New England and northern New York State. He was out nearly every day — anytime from predawn to night —
making images and recording his impressions. His goal was to look beyond the bare trees and gray skies to discover November’s hidden beauty.
It became a very personal project, an exercise in the art of seeing and expanding his craft. The results were unexpectedly beautiful! S
ee November as you’ve never seen it. Savor every image, feel its very essence.

Click here for more details, including sample pages.

Night Over the Northeast project

Mark continues his ambitious project to photograph New York State and New England landscapes and cityscapes at night. He has been recording the tremendous variety of mountains, woods and waters, seascapes, villages and cities under the night sky — from New York to Maine. The project has culminated in a special presentation — with still images, time lapse sequences, music and narration — showcasing the majesty of the Great Northeast at night.
Adirondack Life magazine Behind the Lens Web Feature

Mark's popular monthly photography column has been extended for 2016. He showcases a special image and provides the story behind it — how it was taken and processed. Topics have included: focus stacking, blending panoramas and HDR's, photographing flowing water, using filters for creative effect, macro photography and night photography. Follow the feature here.

Photography Gear & Gadgets - Adirondack Life Special Photo issue
Adirondack Islands
Feature - Adirondack Life Annual Guide 2015 issue

For the magazine's March/April issue, a special release devoted to Adirondack photography, Mark wrote about innovative photo gear and gadgets for landscape photography. One of his incredible night images, Moonbow and the Milky Way over Moss Lake, was also featured.

In 2014 Mark was on assignment to photograph islands across the Adirondack Park. Hundreds of islands decorate lakes, ponds and rivers. Beautiful and diverse, they have a special charm and allure. They are places of sanctuary and solace. They beckon exploration. Shot from boats, planes and remote shores, this photo feature explored the stunning variety, geography and recreational opportunities that make the islands so appealing.