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Mark is a much sought after public speaker, blending his incredible imagery with insightful narrative. In 2017 he's offering the following presentations, as well as the new Envision: The Art of Seeing Creatively, SEASCAPES, Finding November, and Innovative Night Imagery: Beyond the Milky Way programs. He'll also be doing book signings, exhibits, photo workshops and seminars. We'll be updating this section frequently as events are scheduled. Please visit again. Mark does presentations for camera clubs, private groups, and charitable events. He is sponsored by Hunt's Photo. To inquire about a presentation for your group, please contact us.

See the 2018 schedule below.

Multiple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes

By shooting multiple exposures in the field and combining them in-camera or in the digital darkroom, photographers can extend exposure latitude, depth of field and camera resolution. We can push the bounds of what is possible to capture with a camera, achieving results closer to how we envision them than a single exposure could, and opening opportunities for capturing “never-before-possible” images.

In this new presentation, designed for both amateur and seasoned shooters looking to take their landscape imagery to new levels, Mark covers the field techniques and state-of-the-art software he uses to produce many types of multi-shot composites.

Night Over the Northeast

This widely heralded presentation is based on Mark's ongoing project to photograph New York State and New England at night. He shares the thought processes and techniques used to produce spectacular nocturnal images of the region’s mountains, woods, waters, cities, villages and coasts. He covers: equipment considerations, determining nighttime exposures, focusing in the dark, “painting” with artificial light, photographing fireworks and lightning, long exposures, multiple exposures, timed intervals and time lapse sequences. He discusses shooting exposures only seconds long to eight hours, with tips on photographing the landscape in relation to the stars, moon, planets, meteors and other celestial objects. He also covers innovative processing techniques. Experience the awe and wonder of the Great Northeast under the Light of Midnight.

The Art of Photographing Water

Water is one of the most photogenic subjects of the natural world, a quintessential compositional element. It opens views to the heavens and doubles the beauty through reflection. Mark covers field strategies and state-of-the-art digital darkroom techniques for producing incredible images of lakes and ponds, rivers and other flowing waters, waterfalls and marine coasts. He addresses scouting subjects, reading and shooting the light, photographing from the shore and from a boat. He discusses tips and techniques on: shooting reflections, framing creative compositions with your full suite of lenses, the effects of shutter speed on moving water, macro opportunities, creating impressionionistic waterscapes, photographing water at night and shooting multiple exposures for panoramas, HDR's, and layer masks. Educational, enlightening, and inspirational, this presentation is geared for both amateur and professional shooters who want to take their water imagery to new levels.

The Adirondacks: By the Light of Midnight

Some of the Adirondacks' most spectacular beauty and solitude are reserved for the landscape at night. Nighttime drops a cloak of anonymity over the land. Above, the indigo sky is dotted with multi-colored stars, brilliantly beaming planets, distant constellations. Stars wander parabolic paths across the sky. The moon launches itself into its trajectory. And at night, the camera allows us to record phenomena we are physically incapable of seeing. Long exposures capture objects in motion, creating metaphors for the passage of time and the seasons. People and the wildlife are creatures of the night, their behavior impacted by it and entwined with it. Experience the unimaginable beauty, mystery, awe and wonder of the Adirondacks at night.

In Stoddard’s Footsteps

In a career spanning the settling of the Adirondack wilderness, the heyday of the guide, the steamship, and the grand hotel, pioneer photographer Seneca Ray Stoddard produced more than 8,000 images of the evolving landscape — the largest documentary record of late nineteenth century life in the region. More than a century later, Mark Bowie literally followed in his footsteps, faithfully re-photographing the exact locations of many of his classic images.

This multimedia program offers a behind-the-scenes look at how Mark re-created many of Seneca Ray's classic images, with side-by-side comparisons and historical accounts, noting changes in the landscape and its people in the last 100-125 years. The results are fascinating, sometimes surprising, in every case, illuminating.

The Photographic Work of Richard Dean

Hailed as the “dean of Adirondack photographers”, Richard Dean produced the largest collection of Adirondack images in existence. He shot hundreds of thousands of pictures of resort villages, hotels, lodges, stores, restaurants, tourist attractions and people. His grandson and acclaimed photographer, Mark Bowie, has produced this moving tribute, with many of Mr. Dean's classic images from the 1950's to the 1990's, with personal anecdotes of the man behind the lens.

2018 Presentation & Event Schedule
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Sat, March 24th
to Mon, March 26th

PPSNY Focus NY Conference
ENVISION: The Art of Seeing Creatively
Innovative Night Imagery: Beyond the Milky Way Presentations
Villa Roma Resort
Callicoon, NY
Fri, July 13th
to Sun, July 15th

NECCC Conference
Pre-Conference Workshop: Innovative Night Imagery
ENVISION: The Art of Seeing Creatively &
Mulitple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes Presentations

UMASS Amherst
Amherst, MA